Kennel Club Books

Written, photographed, and entirely focused on the specific breed without the chapters of generic copy and non-breed specific photos used by other publishers. Topics include: Breed Standard, Characteristics, History of the Breed, Showing, Puppy, Everyday Care, Training & Housebreaking, Health, and Senior Care. Books are non-returnable

The Golden Retriever by Jeffrey Pepper

Excellent guide to selection, care, training and history of the Golden Retriever. In addition to numerous full-color and black and white photographs carefully selected to represent many aspects of the breed, this comprehensive volume also includes contributions from people who are experts in their field.Books are non-returnable.

Book of the Golden Retriever (Hardcover)
The Golden Retriever Puppy Handbook (Paperback)

Golden Retriever for DUMMIES--Nona Kilgore Bauer

Nona Kilgore Bauer writes an accurate portrayal of what is involved in caring for a Golden Retriever. She discusses such topics as temperament testing, the breeder interview, the pros and cons to Golden Retriever ownership, as well as health issues related to the breed. This book has information applicable to the first time Golden Retriever owner as well as the experienced owner.

The Whole Dog Journal

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